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Since the 1920s there have been multiple waves of migration into American cities from the countryside and multiple migrations back to the country. This ebbing and flowing has been primarily a reaction to economic conditions.

Once again America is in an economic tailspin. It may be a decade before our national economy is rebuilt. During these years more urban Americans will be seeking rural homes, some for survival, some for lifestyle change. This time around, more may stay in the country. A January 2009 poll conducted by Pew Research Center confirmed that a majority of Americans prefer to live in a small town or rural place.

Here at RURALIZE we have a rural bias. From backgrounds both rural and urban, we find country living to be superior. And we like to help others create and enjoy this superior lifestyle. If you would like to learn rural ways you are in the right place here.

RURALIZE aims to help those who want to be more in charge of their lives: growing food, creating safe and sustainable homesteads, getting closer to the earth that nurtures us all.

Here, you are with friends. Pull up a chair. And by all means, enjoy the journey.

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Gene GeRue was born in 1936, tractored in Wisconsin, soldiered in Japan, studied in California colleges, owned and operated a San Francisco East Bay real estate business, taught at a community college, sensed impending burnout, researched the U.S., found his ideal place in 1976 and moved there in 1983. He is the author of How To Find Your Ideal Country Home and the inventor of the chicken moat. He also makes above-average pizzas.

Don Bowen was born in Pasadena, California in early 1946 thus being on the leading edge of the Baby Boomers. A few years later his father took over the family farm in Northeast Missouri. Don grew up on a Missouri dirt farm learning to work with and on tractors. His uncles all had business in the area so Don learned carpentry and sawmill operation from one uncle, Heavy equipment operation from another, welding and Diesel repair from another, and house wiring from another. Don left the farm in 1964 to learn electronics and to pursue a career in electronic engineering and software development. Don retired in 2002 to operate a home repair and custom woodworking business. Then in 2005 Don started travelling the country in a travel trailer. the journal of the journey is on his travel journal.

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"When sitting at the computer I have only to look slightly left to see a substantial part of my rural kingdom."

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"The challenges to gardening here at Heartwood in southern Missouri include juglone from walnut roots, moles, armadillos, groundhogs, raccoons, deer, and aging bodies that become more unhappy each year with bending to the ground to plant, pull weeds and harvest.

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