Don Bowen's collections of writings, projects, and thoughts.

This is a collection of writings about my various interests and projects. They are mostly about building things as that is what I like to do. I also include repairs because no matter what you have or how well you care for it, repairs will be needed sooner or later. I look forward to your comments, whether positive or negative. I am always looking to improve and for new ideas.


Chicken Coop.

Woodworking bench.

Shop cabinets.

Overhead storage.

Shop bench.


My personal web page.
Occasional travel journal.
Blog on fixing things, tools, projects, and other things.

Fixing, repairing, restoring.

Don Bowen was born in Pasadena, California in early 1946 thus being on the leading edge of the Baby Boomers. A few years later his father took over the family farm in Northeast Missouri. Don grew up on a Missouri dirt farm learning to work with and on tractors. His uncles all had business in the area so Don learned carpentry and sawmill operation from one uncle, Heavy equipment operation from another, welding and Diesel repair from another, and house wiring from another. Done left the farm in 1964 to learn electronics and to pursue a career in electronic engineering and software development. Don retired in 2002 to operate a home repair and custom woodworking business. Then in 2005 Don started travelling the country in a travel trailer. the journal of the journey is on his travel journal.

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